Mehan Group is a privately owned company specializing in property management, development, and investment. With over thirty years of business experience, we have transitioned from the world of fashion to focus on real estate. Operating in three countries, our expertise lies in managing commercial properties, developing residential communities, and investing in a diverse real estate portfolio. At Mehan Group, we prioritize fostering and strengthening long-term relationships with our clients. We understand that our success is directly tied to the trust and respect we earn from them. That's why we are committed to working diligently to exceed their expectations.


Sunil Mehan


I am a man with a compelling vision that propels me forward in every aspect of life. Fueled by a passion for innovation and positive change, I navigate the world with a purpose-driven mindset. Whether I am exploring new ideas, engaging in meaningful conversations, or pursuing personal and professional growth, my vision serves as a guiding force. I am committed to making a lasting impact, embracing challenges with resilience, and inspiring others. In every endeavor, I strive to embody the essence of my vision, shaping a future that reflects my unwavering dedication to progress and fulfillment.

Rani Mehan


As the cornerstone of the company, I take pride in being the unwavering rock that supports and steadies our operations. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, reliability, and a solution-oriented mindset, I serve as a stabilizing force in the dynamic landscape of our organization. Drawing upon a wealth of experience, I navigate challenges with resilience, fostering a culture of dependability and trust. Embracing the role of the rock, I strive to inspire people around me, instilling a sense of confidence and unity as we collectively strive for achievement and growth.

Our Affiliated Companies


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Property Force (UK) Ltd. | R&P Properties (Boston) Ltd.

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